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 Post subject: exercise I learned IP for PTSD, but it works on other things
PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2011 2:57 pm 
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Although I was IP for PTSD, This is an something that we did every night for homework.

I have it in my journal, but I'll put it here so more people can see it.

peacewithin wrote:
Types of feelings and release: (she only wanted us to work on anger, sadness and fear)

1.(identify the feelings and why you are feeling that way)Fear-

2.(sit with the feeling and answer why)
sat with it for 5 minutes (you should sit with it 5-30 minutes, but no longer)
I am fearful of relapse into self harm. I have had the urge to hurt myself constantly for the last month and it scares me.

3.(Validate the feeling)
It is a healthy fear. If I wasn't scared, it would be concerning.

4.(release the feeling)
I release the feeing into the universe with each breath out, and with each breath in, I invision taking in strength, integrity, hope, and possibilities.

1. conscious are of self communication/listening to self
2. exploring and learning your internal evironment
3. the inner change of thoughts, feelings, opinions, or information

Attachment to self
Not a literal process.

1. grounding
2. environment
3. agenda
a. set up internal boundries
b. approximately 10-30 minutes
c. if the system has a feeling, let it express it
d. don't expect anything back
e. be open to spirtuality
f. feel the fear and do it anyway
g. make sure you validate self and the feeling self has

Today my innerchild is hurting. I ask her what is wrong and she answers that she never does anything right. I tell her that isn't true. It's happened to us in the past, but that doesn't mean I should stop with my recovery now. In fact, I think it means I need to push harder. I feel stuck sometimes, and I invision myself in quick sand. However I know I have people to support me. I am fearfull of letting people down, that no, I'm not all better yet, but I will get there one day. I am also afraid of going to the hospital allot in my lifetime to deal with my PTSD. My innerchild says it's okay to go if she is hurting. I want to take care of her the way she should have been taken care of all those years ago. I will not let her voice be silenced. If I need to go to the hospital again in the future, that is okay. It means I am taking care of us. It means that I haven't given up. It means that I could have a good future.

1. somethingthat nourishes, sustenance
2. the act of bring up
3. the sum of enviromental influences ans conditions acting on an organism
a. to nourish: feed
b. to educate: train
c. to help grow or develop: cultivate

For self nuturing today I did some deep breathing exercises. I also did some of the yoga poses I remembered from the hospital. I am planning my meals and will nurish myself as a part of nuturing myself. I am also planning on taking a hot bath and letting myself relax.


1. I live and accept my affermations for me
2. I am strong for myself for me
3. I am creative for my inner child for me
4. I am loving to myself for me
5. I believe in a healthy future for myself for me
6. I nurish myself for me
7. I find peace within myself for me
8. I deserve happiness for myself for me
9. I am creative in arts for myself for me
10. I feel all my emotions for myself for me
11. I believe I can get through hard times for me
12. I feel all of my feelings in healthy ways for me
13. I am open to feedback from professionals regarding my health for myself for me
14. I embrace my sexuality for me
15. I accept that I am human and not perfect in things I do for myself for me


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 Post subject: Re: exercise I learned IP for PTSD, but it works on other th
PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:28 pm 
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I thought I would bump this as it is a great exercise for anyone struggling with strong emotion to try out.

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