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Author:  xxlecaffeineaddictxx [ Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:53 pm ]
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klarissa wrote:
gucwin wrote:
I want to point one issue here, someone mentioned above: there is a big difference between going vegetarian for a good reason (health, animals, exploration of new possibilities) and as an excuse to starve. Vegetarian diet is considered the one of the most healthy diets, but only if it contains all elements required by our bodies. Some people put going vegetarian as a warning sign of anorexia. But it's not as simple as it sounds. In this case motives are more important than a diet itself (I think).

This ad by PETA - connecting thinness with vegetarian diet - if it makes anyone to choose going vegetarian, it would be a choice make by a wrong reason.

Um no. You have it completely wrong. I didn't become vegetarian because it was an "excuse to starve". I'm saying, some people's bodies can't handle the lack of protein at first. Until the necessary protein products are bought and such.. it's hard.

the protein thing honestly is not that hard as long as you learn about nutrition and transition at your own pace,thins like dried legumes,eggs,cheese,nuts,cheese,pb and other nut butters and tofu are easy to find and can be made delicous.split peas are pretty high protein too,at 11g or so per serving.and so is soy.

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