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The ridiculousness of "dressing for your shape"
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Author:  KTCI [ Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:59 pm ]
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anna valentina wrote:
Yes, I've seen an article of this kind in Cosmo ( it wasn't mine okay?.. :oops: :-? ) and I did think "so every shape has it's negative side?" It was like they. wouldnt. let. us. be. happy.

"Are you skinny? Oh no worries! Hide booblessnes with strapless tops."
me: ....:? What's wrong with having flat chest... Some are just destined to
have small breasts.
"Are you fat? Oh just wear baggy tops, those that hide your belly!"
me: :-? ..... Is it that disgusting to show my belly?... Am I not allowed to wear tight shirt even if it jiggles and shows my bump? Is that so unaesthetic?

It's head-achy.

Oh hell yeah.

'These sleeves will mask your upper arms!'
'This skirt will make you look like you have hips!'


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