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calories to be put on menu's in uk =-(
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Author:  shmeepfairy [ Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  calories to be put on menu's in uk =-(


ok, so its frustrating enough not to be able to buy food without the calories outlined in huge obviouse writing on the front of the item, but now going out for a meal will be the same challenge :(

why are they so obsessed with doing this? recovery is hard enough as it is without a constant reminder of the ed.

i know they take obesity seriously, but its time they considered other eating disorders :evil:

Author:  Mufasa [ Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:51 pm ]
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Oh sweetie, im so sorry,
that sucks so much.
hmmmm, that's really a tough one.
Well, for one you could write a letter to whoever is in charge of it and explain about people with ED's. maybe theyc an get two menus, one with the calories and one without.
also, if you go out to eat with people, theyc an help. have them read out what sound like good dishes. or if you feel like a pasta, have them read the pastas.
maybe thats stupid if they dont know about your ED.
if the calorie content is in a colum next to the items, could you cover it with your hand or something? try to hide it. at least until you feel stronger?
i dont know if this is helping. ill think about it more and get back to you.
sorry for the suckish advice.

Author:  shmeepfairy [ Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:45 pm ]
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Iv just written to my local MP, but im not convinced they will take much notice, the UK is going ridiculas with adverts 'combatting obesity' and gouvernment policies on it, its just unconstructive for everyone!

Author:  teressa [ Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:30 pm ]
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Aww sweetie... I'm sorry.
This is a tough one.
The reason they are doing it is so people CAN know how many calories are in what they're eating... so they have a choice to know.
In saying that you also has a choice NOT to read it.

Author:  Wolf [ Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:17 am ]
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There is a new law here since last year- every packaged food has calories printed on it. That´s okay for people who have to take care of their health. Okay for foods like bread, cheese and so on. But when I eat a chocolate truffle, I´d like to enjoy it without knowing how much fat is in it.

Author:  SamiBTX [ Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:23 pm ]
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Oh gawd, that sucks. When I began calorie counting is when my ED really got bad. I wonder if they're going to be displayed where they're very easy to see or if sort of have to look for them?

For us, bad news. But for people struggling with obesity, I think it's a good idea.

But yeah, I do better not looking at the calories or fat.
It just triggers me.

Author:  w1shin0nstars [ Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:18 am ]
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in new york city, all the food places (including starbucks) have to list the calorie for everything on the displays....

its SO freakin annoying

Author:  Rook [ Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:43 am ]
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To be totally honest, I think this is a good thing. It's going to be really freaking hard to deal with for those of us with EDs, but think of all the people who don't even know what a calorie is, let alone how many should be in an average meal. And all the restaurants who offer items that contain more calories in a single serving than any person other than Michael Phelps needs in a day.

This is being done to wake up the food industry to the fact that they should be working in favour of their customers' health and nutrition, not just their taste buds, and to stop letting the general public bury their heads in the sand about what's going into their mouths. It's not being done just to make our lives harder. That said, it's not going to be any easier for people like us to handle, but I still don't think this idea is so terrible. It's not like the food industry is totally innocent and being unfairly persecuted. Most of you must have read one of those horror-story articles about the vast nutritional imbalance of restaurant meals? Something had to be done at some point.

Author:  Seekingnewpastures [ Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:15 pm ]
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Another reason for me to leave this stupid country....

Author:  breda [ Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:56 pm ]
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i have to agree with ROOK
i think it is actually a good thing
i know for us that have in the past suffered and whereever we are in the process of recovery.. there will always be triggers...
and we can alway twist things- so suit our ed- or suit our recovery...

cause at the end of the day- it is healthy eating
and everything in moderation is fine

i had a mac-flurry last week- and it was yummy... and although i did panic about calorie and fat content- it was ok- cause everything in moderation is ok...

it is all about education

Author:  shmeepfairy [ Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:27 pm ]
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i just dont think its needed, i mean carrots and potatoes dont grow labeling there caloric content, meat isnt naturally sprouting numbers, so why arent people taught about eating and food in a more natural way, rather then relying on numbers.

for centuries people have managed and lived perfectly fine without them, so there is no reason it shouldnt be like that again.

Author:  Rook [ Thu Jan 29, 2009 6:06 pm ]
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In the past, people only ate what was available, which tended to be small amounts of natural foods. Today we have huge quantities of highly processed foods available to us. People don't have instincts to tell them what and how much of it is healthy to eat, at least no instincts that apply to modern day. So many people are incredibly ignorant of nutrition; seeing it around all the time will at least get them used to the idea of being aware of their diet - not in the weight-loss sense, but in the sense of what everybody eats. I mean, everybody has a diet, even if they don't go on diets.

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