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 Post subject: Sephora and Too Faced Beauty Products
PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 6:05 am 
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The letter i wrote:

As both a beauty lush, someone recovered from a severe life threatening eating disorder and someone who refuses to buy into the culturally infiltrated war on my body, it saddens me that Too Faced, one of my favorite brands, would actively promote something as... well... stupid... as a lip gloss with the notion that it would help one lose weight or curb cravings which, according to cultural standards would have me be a woman of high moral value. Come on guys... for a wise and witty woman;s brand, its time to live up!

As someone who has shopped at Sephora from back when I had to go on vacation to do it, I am a dedicated and eager customer. When I received your email regarding new years resolutions, however, I was quite turned off. Sephora, like almost every other culturally influenced beauty company within the devoloped world has decided to buy into the thin=beautiful and thin=moral paradigm that society spears at those of us trying to make peace with our hips and thighs. As a strong woman who is recovered from a life threatening eating disorder, I will have to think twice where I put my money and what kind of message I am funding when I buy my beauty products. I thought Sephora was about beauty. All types of beauty. Are you and your marketing department willing to reclaim this rare and yet priceless title and reputation? My dollar and I sure hope so!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:46 am 
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There is even more to this that I don't like. In addition, this takes the "got a problem, pop a pill for it" culture to a new low by using cosmetics as a drug-delivery system that takes advantage of one of the body's more vulnerable parts. Maybe they can make one with ephedra or caffeine to wake you up in the morning. Maybe they can make a Viagra version for men that have an ED of a different sort.

These crutches are harmful. Its not the supplements themselves that are necessarily bad, it's the use of them. Reach for the supplement/drug instead of chosing healthy behaviour.

It works the opposite too. In my own personal experience, I realized a lot of the crap I was putting in my body was not because my body screamed "I need Doritos" it was because I let myself get sucked in to a project in the office, some work at home, a favorite video game...whatever...and I kept trying to push myself further than I should have. When its 11 hours in to what should have been an 8 hour day, and someone orders up a greasy calzone....there is absolutely no part of me that says "Maybe I shouldn't be eating this." Heck no! I was digging right in. Food was a boost, a vehicle, to get me through working a long compensate for not taking timeout to eat a healthy bowl of soup when I was hungry instead of waiting until I'm famished. Reaching for the coffee to stay up instead of going to bed. At least for me, these habits snuck up on me slowly, without me really being conscious of a lot of the stuff I was doing, until I realized they were becoming really destructive.

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