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America's Next Top Model
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Author:  messy_closet [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:14 pm ]
Post subject:  America's Next Top Model

I didn't see it but my sister did & the first girl to be eliminated on the show was an emaciated, obvious anorexic, named Anna Maria who said she was on a calorie-restricted diet, that to be a model you should "get lean."

When told that if she were chosen to do the Vogue fashion spread that she'd be projecting an unhealthy image to young girls she was very surprised & she was eliminated on the grounds that she looked deathly ill.

Hopefully, despite being very defensive about it all, insisting that she liked her body (I claimed that I liked my body many times to try & cover for my disorder, LIE!!!), hopefully she will get the help she needs.

Author:  livingtx [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:52 pm ]
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Yes, it was obvious she had a problem in the photo shoot when you could clearly see her ribs every way she twisted in the bikini. And she kept insisting she liked seeing her ribs & muscles and that's the way she felt she should look. Well, I did like seeing those things when I was sick too but I also kept insisting I was healthy when I clearly wasn't...I would like her to get the help she needs. Unfortnately, I do think she is right about models and restricted eating, everyone knows EDs are rampant in the modeling industry.

The one other super skinny model is like 6'2" and doesn't project the healthiest image either, but at least with her, I'd believe it was something genetic because they did show a picture of her with her brother on the casting episode and they had similar heights and builds and very few women are so tall that it is believable to me she might have some thyroid/growth hormone issue, similar to one of my hubby's aunts. I guess nowadays they'd just give growth hormone in childhood to someone like hubby's aunt (she grew up in the Great Depression era and they were all extremely poor) but she is barely 5' tall (if even that when the rest of the family is on the tall side, her brother, my father-in-law is 6'4" and so is hubby) and teeny, tiny (maybe she weighs 80 lb.), and supposedly always has been because of the hormone problem. But Tyra putting her hands around that girl's waist and praising it for being so teeny gets a HUGE thumbs down for me.

My husband is 6'4" and was all of maybe 150 lb. when we met (he does have thyroid issues). He was only able to put on more weight when he got closer to 30 yr. old. Granted, he is a male, but looking back at those pictures of him & when he was in high school, he is extremely thin but never for one minute displayed any type of ED behavior. Now, he finally weighs closer to 200 lb, what he should weigh for his height, but it did take awhile.

Author:  FadingHippie [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:00 pm ]
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I think with Ann it is her natural build... they should pics of her at different ages too.. and she looked like she had the same build...

I love Diane Von Furstenberg's comment though... "if you're not healthy, you lose your beauty"

on a sidenote.. they had to have known when they cast her... I am wondering if they cast her so they could have that discussion... you know?

Since Tyra makes a point to say that her show does not support eating disorders, etc... I wonder if it was some sort of publicity thing or even just a statement.. if she was a pawn...

she was so open about how she thought she needed to get lean, how she was on a calorie restrictive diet, etc... I guess they knew all along

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