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Brisbane Bike Paths
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Author:  mcall23 [ Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Brisbane Bike Paths

I know this is horrible and that it's a free country but brisbanes bike paths have become a an anerexic stomping ground. Having only recently moved to brisy, i went to the markets via one of these early saturday morning. I was mortified, the women! i wanted to cry, round them up and call the ambulance. i think that it would be within brisbanes interest to have an anorexic patrol out- not only does it promote incredibly bad health to others using the paths, these women/ men are physically compromised and well there is a very high risk of death on the paths. I was so horrified, not only at the jealousy it roused in me but the number of women that are so sick. I want to take action, i want these people to get better does anyone on this site have any suggestions to how i can make a difference. i am considering getting a heap of EDA fliers and handing them out to people that need help. its just that some of the cases i saw on those paths needed urgent medical attention- should i take the initiative and call an ambulance... maybe i am going too far but i have thought over this for days and well what i saw was soo bad that my feeling have not changed since and i believe there should be a some kind of public revolt. BRISBANE NEEDS SOME AGENT ORANGE!!

Author:  MissEllen [ Thu Feb 25, 2010 5:35 pm ]
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Do not think I am attacking you by any means by writing this response. I have not been on these bike paths and have not seen these women or men.

However, it can be hard to assume that someone has an eating disorder based solely on their weight. For what ever reason, there is excessive stigma attached to eating disorders that if you are underweight you have an eating disorder. I have known people who look slim enough to be labelled as 'anorexic', but they have been perfectly healthy. My own mother was frequently labelled 'anorexic', but she has never suffered from an eating disorder. I was also labelled 'anorexic' before developing my eating disorder. It is just in some people's genetic make-up.

I can understand your alarm and concern when they are obviously sickly thin and exercising...but I was a little offended by this post...quite possibly because of my own history...I am not angry with you by any means. I just wanted to voice my opinion.


El x


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