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Mental Health Act for 18yr old ana
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Author:  Catrat [ Wed Dec 09, 2009 2:24 am ]
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Again, maybe the doctors want her to be there for a reason. Normally even with patients over 18 there will be meetings with family etc. and they do try to find the best option for the patient, there are not many options here although the government is creating new ED beds in Auckland, but not very many. The doctors in this story are made out to be demons for wanting to send her to Ashburn but most doctors are not demons and most do want to help as do nurses and social workers who are invovled in the process of deciding where a patient goes. Ashburn Hall is a good facility that has helped many people I know with eating disorders, you can also request new doctors and a decent lawyer to try and include the family more if they are being screened out. It is extremely difficult for doctors, nurses etc. to work with the limited mental health services we have here.
In my opinion, any treatment can work if you make it work.

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