“We Bite Back is full of the most inspiring and brave people from all over the world: people committed to their recoveries and doing what they need to do – everyone at their own speed, and everyone in their own way, and everyone supporting and caring for each other.”

“Eating disorders thrive in secrecy, in isolation. We support people- not the eating disorder- in a collective community of support, care, compassion, challenging ed thoughts, and awesomeness.”

“WBB is a continual support team that don’t need numbers [BMI, weight etc] to know you, validate you, care for you, support you, encourage you, laugh with you, or to embrace all that is you.”

“This site offers strength and support in our recovery when you might feel like you cannot find it elsewhere.”

“We know what it’s like to live with an eating disorder. We know that recovery isn’t a straight line, that you will struggle and that it’s hard to even choose recovery in the first place. You don’t have to be perfect here. You just have to be willing.”

“WBB supports, challenges and encourages you along your journey through recovery. This doesn’t stop at solely helping you overcome your eating disorder and disordered behaviours it is also about nurturing you as you discover the real you. The amazing you that is underneath the eating disorder. We embrace life.”

“You will meet people on the same journey as you – different paths, maybe – but heading the same way. You will be welcomed, cared for, supported and given ideas and challenges to think about as you pursue a life worth living.”
“The members here are free to use their voices on a variety of subjects as well as have a journal in which other members can read and respond.”

“This site encourages challenging of disordered thoughts and actions in a positive way. The site brings insight through other members and through resources that can be connected to through the site.”

“WBB provides resources for many things including self-harm, suicide, depression, DBT, anxiety, as well as eating disorders.”

“WBB is open to the voices of its members and values each members opinions and contributions to the site. You can be heard here.”

“By joining WBB, you will meet like-minded people who are ready to take your hand, pick you up or push you in the right direction. WBB is a place to re-discover together what life really means without an ED; a place to help learn skills to battle on-going fights with an ED and to receive support anytime – there is always someone around!”

“WBB offers me the right mix of fun, support, and thought-provoking challenges and threads that help me see the world without my eating disorder lens. I also love that WBB celebrates every person and every body: there is no “right” shape – there is only you and what your body needs to be healthy.”

“So an eating disorder walks into a bar
ED sits down miserably and orders the lowest calorie drink
Pulls out a smoke and the bartender, as usual, throws his towel over his shoulder
Pulls out the lighter, “need a light?”
ED all miserable, “yeah mate I do”
Bartender “rough day? Tell me about it”
“She joined that bloody WBB site. I feel redundant”"