What does pro-recovery mean?

Pro-recovery means we encourage recovery from eating disorders, not promoting the tolerance of or further entrenching eating disorder behaviours. Obviously, though, eating disorders don’t disappear instantly upon considering recovery. We understand the need to voice the disordered thoughts we may have, however members are encouraged to consider why they are having such thoughts and challenge them. We do not compete to see “who is the sickest” or focus upon numbers (such as weight, BMI, etc).

I have/think I have an eating disorder but it isn’t very serious. Should I still join here and seek professional help?

Every eating disorder is serious, regardless of how long you’ve had it or what influence it has had on your weight. Reach out to your family, friends, doctors or teachers – you deserve all the support you can get. Here at We Bite Back, we don’t consider some eating disorders to be less serious than others. If you’re struggling with any eating disordered behaviour, you deserve help. Sign up here and tell people in ‘real life’.

I haven’t been diagnosed with an eating disorder but I think I might have a problem. Is this the place for me?

Yes! You know yourself better than anyone. If you feel things aren’t right and are concerned about your eating or exercise behaviour, we may be able to help you.

I don’t fit the stereotype of someone with an eating disorder. Can I join this site?

Yes, of course. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of age, sex, race, sexuality, nationality or background. Eating disorders don’t discriminate, and neither do we. Pro-recovery is for everybody.

Does joining this site mean that I don’t need to see my doctor/nurse/therapist/psychiatrist anymore?

Nope. While we are pro-recovery, we are a peer-run support community and not medical professionals. We Bite Back does not replace medical or professional therapeutic support. We offer extra support alongside any professional help you’re getting, and in the case that you aren’t getting any we encourage you to do so!